Drake VS Meek Mill

One of the trending topics as of lately has been the on going beef between rappers Drake and Meek Mills.The beef originally started when Meek Mills took twitter to let out some on going issues he had with the rapper: His rant continued as he talked about his celebrity rapper girlfriend’s Ex boyfriend. Here’s a … More Drake VS Meek Mill


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Friendway is basically an app that you can Video chat with your friends all from your phone. The layout is basically you can friend way up to 4 people. The more people the smaller the boxes. The circle in the middle is your view of yourself during live chat.The other boxes is the view you … More Friendway

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Facebook is one of my favorite apps to just look at all kinds of videos, pictures and articles. I do not post much personal stuff anymore but I do post some pretty thought worthy articles and a few funny videos. I am a looker more on Facebook then an active poster but we should still … More Be my friend!